Save Video plugin has been designed for ease of use by any user; with a minimum number of settings required and the maximum convenience/ease of use.

Screenshots of Save Video Plugin for Internet Explorer

Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer

Save Video Plugin panel

Save Video plugin integrates into Internet Explorer. It is designed to easily download videos from web pages. Save Video plugin is displayed in Internet Explorer as a panel on the left, similar to the "History" panel of Internet Explorer. Here you can see thumbnails of video files available for downloading (see screenshot). Just use your mouse to right click on the thumbnail of the video you desire, and select the shortcut menu "Download Video ..". Save Video plugin will offer an informative file name for downloading the video. Do not worry whether file name is unique - if a file with this name already exists, then the downloader will solve this automatically - add brackets and number of copies, for example "Britains Got Talent[2].flv"

Use the button Save Video tool button on the Internet Explorer toolbar to show / hide the Save Video plugin panel.


Save Video Plugin at the same time downloads the video and converts into user selected output format

The Downloader screen resembles the file download screen of Internet Explorer. The integration of the converter and downloader allows you to download and convert the file at the same time ("on-the-fly conversion").

The Downloader is actively using the Internet Explorer cache to reduce the time for a file download.

Properties screen

You can see Properties of Video before download it

In the "Properties" screen you can see the various properties of the video file before downloading; such as file size, video duration, dimensions (width / height), etc. To activate the "Properties" screen, right click on a thumbnail of the video file and select "Properties" in the shortcut menu.

Custom categories

Category Editor

Save Video plugin allows you to create different categories, such as "Music", "Photoshop tutorials", and assign them to actual folders on disk. Then, instead of the "Download Video.." menu you can choose "Download Video to Category", and the downloader will save the file in a folder associated with this category. FLV Player also features quick access to these categories - menu "Open Category" will allow you to quickly find the downloaded files.

FLV Converter

FLV Video Converter

Simply drag and drop FLV video files from Windows Explorer to FLV Converter and select the output file format, such as AVI. Then click "Start" to start converting.

Support for the following file formats: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MP3, 3GP, WMV, ASF. There are also preconfigured formats for various devices such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, PS3, Zune and others. Just specify for which device you want convert a file and the converter will convert the FLV video to the video file that is supported by this device.

FLV Player

FLV Video Player

FLV Player allows you to play downloaded FLV video files. Drag and drop FLV video file(s) from Windows Explorer in to the FLV Player for video playback. Use the context menu of FLV Player to access the various features of the player. FLV Player has a friendly and intuitive interface. When you start to use it, you will feel that you have been acquainted with it for a long time.

Module for display thumbnails of FLV files in Windows Explorer

Add-on for Windows Explorer show thumbnails of downloaded FLV video files in Thumbnails view mode

This module allows you to displaying the downloaded FLV files in Windows Explorer in thumbnail view. Just open the folder with the FLV files in Windows Explorer and select menu View>Thumbnails.

Double clicking on a thumbnail will launch FLV Player with this video.


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