An "All-in-one" solution for downloading, converting and playing offline videos from the Internet.

Does not contain a list of supported sites and allows you to download videos even from little-known and new sites.

Download Save Video plugin right now!  (4.5MB)

Download videos from sites like YouTube and save it as MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV file to your PC or laptop.

Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer (3 in 1 - Downloader,Converter,Player)

Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer -

A suite of compact programs (modules) that ensures ease of downloading, converting and playing offline video from the Internet.

All modules are carefully designed and complemented with features suggested by users.

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FLV Player
Supported Interface Languages -

English, French, German, Russian.


FLV Downloader

No longer do you need to wait until the file converts. The unique technology "on the fly converting" allows you to start converting the file into the selected format simultaneously from the beginning of the file download. When the file download is complete you will already have an almost completely converted file. This is possible due to the integration of the converter with the downloader.

FLV Converter

Converter can convert FLV video to numerous popular formats. It does not contain multiple settings with obscure expressions. You need only to specify the output format, such as AVI, and Converter converts the video into this format at the same level of quality as the original file. Everything is simple and clear.

FLV Player

Simply drag the downloaded FLV files from Windows Explorer and drop it on the FLV Player. Files will be added to the playlist and player will start to play it. Use the mouse wheel to resize the player or double click the player screen to switch to fullscreen mode.
Also, we have developed the world's smallest FLV PLayer (less than 20 kb!) - read more

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